Management Services


We will market and advertise your property utilizing the most effective methods to insure high quality applicants. Our experience gives us the highest level of knowledge of the most productive advertising outlets and we are on the cutting edge of today’s marketing methods via our website and social media such as Zillow, HomeSnap, Trulia, Facebook and Craigslist. Finally, we routinely perform area market surveys to insure you realize the income potential you deserve.


Our maintenance staff is courteous and the billing is extremely fair to all parties. If a maintenance item requires independent contractors, we have a large network available that we have found to be of the highest quality and yet reasonably priced.

Resident Screening

We use proven and consistent methods of screening applicants to make as certain as possible the resident will meet their obligations. We run thorough credit checks, review previous rental or ownership history and confirm income for potential residents. We adhere to all federal, state and local fair housing laws.

Lease Execution

Once a resident is accepted, we will enter into state approved leases as well as have the new resident sign all required addendum's that pertain to your property. Prior to occupancy we will do a walk- through of the rental with the resident so that we can complete an accurate condition report to which all parties agree. Typical security deposits collected are equal to 50% of one month’s rent.

Collection Of Rents

Whenever possible, we will utilize a direct deposit method to collect rents due such as an ACH or Bill Pay method with the residents’ bank. All rents not received by the 5th of each month are subject to late fees and delinquent notices are sent. Any delinquencies will be dealt with swiftly and legally with all possible legal methods used to collect, to insure you as owner, are not inconvenienced with cash flow discrepancies.